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Home Health Rental is a SISTER CONCERN OF “North Asia Surgical Company" established in 2001, served more than 12 year in Pharmacy & Medical Equipments”

We provide sale & rental services for almost any kind of Medical Equipment, required for patient recovery at home. We have a wide range of medical equipments for Respiratory problems, Disability, patient care Products & Rehabilitation. We also have Physiotherapy & Nursing Services for home use.

Our key focus is to bring expensive care giving & life saving equipment in common man’s reach thus improving the quality of life of the “disabled, sick old & infirm” & saving the lives of the patients.We offer high-quality equipment at very competitive prices.

Home Health Rental understands your need for responsive service at all hours of the day and night. That's why we offer after hours and weekend deliveries. Home health rental also provide a 24 hour emergency breakdown service. In the unlikely occurrence that your equipment malfunctions, we will have it repaired or replaced within 4 hours.

Home Health Rental’s extensive rental database for Medical Equipment, Hospital Equipment, and Surgical supplies. Home medical equipment rentals like portable oxygen concentrators, wheelchairs, Bipaps, CPAP, ventilators, hospital beds, DVTpumps,Infusion pumps,Air mattresses,Pulse oxymeters,Brest pumps and Disposables are available from both national and local durable medical supply companies and national distributors.

Hospitals, physicians, and healthcare providers use Home Health Rental to find medical equipment rental resource. In addition individuals and in-homecare professionals can rent directly from us. Many of the largest medical device, surgical system, and hospital equipment distributors market their inventory here. Finding, renting or leasing medical devices and diagnostic imaging systems is a convenient and efficient process through Home Health Rental, where we Make Renting Medical Equipment Simple!

Each of our listings includes real time contact to the provider via phone, email, live chat (when used by the company) and direct access their website. Additionally, when viewing listings, you can click the "view all listings" button and see a detailed list of all the medical equipment offered by a given company partnered with Home Health Rental.

Give one of our friendly team a call today to discuss how Home Health Rental can work for you.

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