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Home health Rental offers a wide range of respiratory products, for the patients suffering from sleep apnea, respiratory failure, COPD, etc.
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Wheel Chairs

BEd ridden patients (suffering from surgery or illness) face difficulty while sitting, eating & managing their other activities. Home Health Rental...
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Hospital Beds

Home Health Rentals offers its wide range of patient care beds at home. the range varries from semi fowler beds to five function electric beds...
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Home Health Rentals offers its wide range of Ventilator. The range varries with functions ...
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Bed side screen is a device generally found in hospital/ clinical settings. It is used to separate a patient from surroundings & facilitate a patient...
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Nursing attendant & physio services

patient care at home

Our service capabilities allow us to offer solutions that bring convenience...more...

Every type of equipment rental and sale

wide range of products

Home Health Rental displays all medical equipment and supplies for ...more...

Counseling for care givers & patients

by experts

While you are going through a treatment, you will need help, both physical ... more...

Why Home Health ? Rental

Home Health Rental is a SISTER CONCERN OF “North Asia Surgical Company" established in 2001, served more than 12 year in Pharmacy & Medical Equipments”.

  • The Home health rental is a full service provider of medical equipment and home respiratory products for a variety of conditions, such as COPD, obstructive sleep apnea, and asthma. This includes sales, service, and rentals with home delivery in your area.
  • We at home health rental provide superior customer service and top quality home medical products. Because we know that medical conditions and healthcare needs can vary from one patient to another, we are here anytime to answer your questions.
  • Home health rental’s specialists talk to both the patient and the caregiver, evaluate the home environment, and provide the appropriate equipment as directed by the doctor’s treatment plan. Our qualified service team delivers the equipment, sets it up, and trains the patient for safe and easy use.
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