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medical oxygen cylinder on rent in delhi

Medical Oxygen Cylinders

Medical Oxygen Cylinders on rent in Delhi

HOME HEALTH RENTAL are engaged in supplying of Medical Oxygen Cylinders, These are portable medical oxygen cylinders for emergencies/first aid, extremely handy & easy to use.

  • Should be B type 10.5 liters type
  • Should be supplied with humidifier and flow meter.
  • Should be supplied with trolley and key.
  • The trolley should be mounted on good quality wheels of 100mm.
  • The trolley should have MS tubular frame work and SS base.
  • Should have a gauge to measure the cylinder pressure.
  • Cylinder should have ISI mark.
  • Cylinder should have explosive safety certificate and should be provided along with.
  • each cylinder during installation.
  • Back Pressure Controlled Flow Meter.
  • Sturdy and reliable Flow Meter Unit for an accurate measuring of flow of gases.
  • Chromium plated Brass Body.
  • Metering tube and cover made of unbreakable Poly carbonate.
  • Flow adjustment by Needle valve equipped with inlet filter – 100 μm
  • Flow rate range 0 – 15 litres / minute,
  • Inlet pressure suitable for the cylinder.
Bubble Humidifiers with safety valve and pressure Relief:
  • Lid made of ABS Plastic
  • Jar made of Unbreakable Poly Carbonat

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