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Counseling for care givers & patients

Caregivers and Counselors

While you are going through a treatment, you will need help, both physical and emotional. You will need help from caregivers for a variety of daily tasks, such as shopping for food, cooking meals and running errands. You may also need counselors for mental and emotional support.

A caregiver is someone who helps you get through your treatment by assisting you with the tasks of daily living, such as getting to medical appointments, bathing, getting dressed or eating, that you may not be able to perform by yourself when you are weak and in pain from treatment.

A counselor is a mental health professional, such as a psychologist, psychiatrist or social worker, who is trained to help you deal with your feelings, worries and concerns. It’s a good idea to identify more than one person to help you out with daily living tasks. Try to build a team of caregivers. Start with your family and friends, but be prepared to go outside this circle into your community to find the caregivers you need. Many towns and cities have community volunteers who help others near where they live or work. You might also need to pay people to be your caregivers. Home Health Rental can provide skilled nursing care or arrange for someone to stay with you when family and friends cannot.

You can help your caregivers by making a list of important phone numbers, such as the numbers of your doctor, nurse, pharmacist, family members, neighbors, friends and spiritual leaders. Keep a copy of the list next to your phone.

Also make a list of the drugs you take, how often you take them and the doses. Let your caregivers know about the side effects. In addition, tell your caregivers where to locate important paperwork, such as your insurance policies, social security papers, living will and power of attorney.

Emotional Support

Your family and friends can often offer you emotional support and you can join support groups. However, there may also be times when you will need to seek help from a mental health professional to deal with the emotional stress The treatment can cause. Psychologists, psychiatrists and psychiatric social workers at Home Health Rental are trained to help you identify and cope with such feelings as sadness, depression or grief. Psychiatrists are also medical doctors who can prescribe drugs for depression and anxiety. Ask your doctor to refer you to a qualified mental health professional if you feel you need these services.

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